The New Earth Archive Booklist

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 We’re looking for 25 books that educate, inspire, and drive change.

Each year we’ll identify 100 powerful and influential books on topics like climate change, biology, sociology, economics, politics, psychology, philosophy, and many, many other areas, and with your help we’ll find the 25 that have the power to inspire college readers to change the world. The 6 Criteria below are what we determined should be used in selecting the top books for each year’s New Earth Archive Booklist.

  1. Books that speak directly to students and young adults; ones that are both informative and passionate enough to capture and hold attention in a fast-paced world full of distractions.
  2. Powerful enough to change the reader’s mind about these issues, encourage new perspectives, and promote acceptance of alternate or controversial ideas.
  3. Provocative and motivational: they have to genuinely drive readers to want to change the world.
  4. Inspiring and positive, and offer solutions that adequately address the scale of the issues at stake.
  5. Recent (within the past 10-15 years) and still relevant to our world’s rapidly changing conditions.
  6. Decades-big ideas with worldwide scope. To build the most thorough knowledge-base about the issues that confront us today, we need to expose students to information spanning everything from the environment, the economy, people, and politics. Additionally, we consider it of paramount importance to include knowledge about the latest scientific revelations in understanding the universe, consciousness, and the fundamental principles of human nature.


The first-annual New Earth Archive Booklist has been established!

 The votes are in and the list for 2012 is now available, along with links for where you can buy or find the books. While you’re there, please feel free to leave a comment or a rating on any particular book you’ve read. We want to hear what really left an impact on you – whether a book gave you an idea, a new perspective on an issue, or even made you want to change the world. If one of our books or films did this for you, or you have a suggestion for one that did, please let us know!

We strongly encourage anyone with passion or expertise to continue to contribute to the growing collection of candidates for the 2013 Booklist, by sending us your suggestions for books on the Submit New Content page. We’re also collecting ideas for an annual New Earth Archive Film Collection – check out the Film Project page for more info, or send us your ideas today!

With your help, we hope to grow into a platform that fosters dialogue about these issues, provides access to the most important knowledge and solutions about them, and empowers students around the world to take a direct hand in shaping a better future for all of us.



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